About us

We are couple who have built a beautiful relationship on trust, respect and some very dirty Sex.  We LOVE sex toys, shibari, tea orgasms and each other.  We both have an exhibition kink and love showing off what we get up to.  We also love helping others and sharing our knowledge and experience.

Keep reading to learn more.

Our Dynamic

We live in a 24/7 M/s TPE relationship. What the hell does that mean you ask? Our Dynamic applies to our entire life, not just in the bedroom. We live as Master(Buster) and Slave(Bunny). We practice TPE (Total Power Exchange) Master has the illusion of absolute power in the relationship.

Its important to understand the use of the word “Illusion” in the sentence above. Master only has the power Bunny has given to him. They are equals in everyway, but Bunny prefers Master to take the lead in the relationship so has given him absolute power. Bunny can take that power back at any time in a variety of ways. Buster treats her right to do so with an almost religious fervour.

We get up to some pretty crazy sexual shennanigans, and feel free to enjoy watching, but also pay attention to the honesty, trust and respect our relationship is built on.

Our Limits


  • No Nipple Torture
  • No talking live without master’s direction(I freeze up)
  • No visible bruises during summer
  • No vomitting
  • No scat


  • No Anal
  • No scat
  • Anal sex is for Master only and will never be shared or viewed by anyone. This does not include anal play. Only anal intercourse

Busters Rules for Bunny

  • Bunny will keep the pinky nail on her left hand painted black at all times as a sign of her submission.
  • Bunny will not change any part of her body without permission, this includes biting or painting nails, cutting hair, waxing hair or any other cosmetic change. She is permitted to style her hair, and makeup which includes plucking eyebrows.
  • Bunny must at all times be totally honest
  • Bunny must report any anxiety, fear, sadness or anger immediately
  • Bunny must report any physical pain or irritation immediately
  • Bunny must present herself in the lounge, wearing her collar before Master every night once the children are asleep, ready for use
  • On nights where presenting is not possible, Bunny will await master’s shower, and present herself there.
  • Bunny must use her safe words wherever necessary. She is allowed to push past her limits for her own reasons and pleasure but NEVER to impress or please Master.
  • If Master taps Bunny three times on the shoulder she will immediately undress. Ready for use.
  • If Master says “Naked” Bunny will immediately undress. Ready for use.
  • If Master says “Doggy”, “Spread”, or “Stand” Bunny will immediately get naked and assume that position, ready for use.
  • Before use if Bunny is not wet, she will ask for permission to use lubricant.
  • If Master says “Sit”, “Heel”, “Rollover”, “Stay”, “Come” or “Riley” Bunny will immediately assume her Riley Persona
  • If Master says “Here Kitty” Bunny will immediately assume her Kitty persona
  • If Master says “L35” or “Activate” Bunny will immediately assume her L35 persona
  • During Headjobs/ Handjobs Bunny must always make master hard without using her hands
  • During Headjobs / Handjobs Bunny can ask to use a flavoured lube. If allowed the lube can only be applied to Bunnies own mouth.
  • During playtime Bunny must only refer to her mouth as a “cum toilet”
  • During playtime Bunny must only refer to her Vagina as “Cunt”
  • During playtime Bunny must make no attempt to soften or hide the her moans and other vocal noises.
  • When master states he is going to cum Bunny must immediately attempt to have him cum in her mouth. This does not apply during penetration unless Bunny is on top / riding
  • On her Birthday Bunny must keep her rectum well lubed and a supply of anal lube on her person at all times, ready for anal sex at any time.

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