The one “Sex Toy” every man should own.

It was a question from a fan on Reddit, “What’s the first sex toy I should buy?”. So I went and asked the expert, quietly confident that his answer would be a Lovense Dormi 2 wand (he’s been raving about it).

I was pretty surprised when he answered “Massage table”, but after a few seconds of thought, I realised he was right.

“The Bench”

If you’ve watched any of our naughty vids, you’ve no doubt seen “The Bench”. We use it a LOT. The fact is we don’t often have sex on a bed. I spent a lot more time on the floor, being his little slut, and just as much on the bench, at his mercy or pleasure.

I asked him to quickly list of his reasons for everyone’s benefit.

  1. Height adjustable: Beds are single single height. If they are tall enough for standing missionary, they are too high for doggy. A massage table though can be adjusted to be the perfect height for what you have planned
  2. Massage: Massage is an incredible way to start a session, or even just help your girl wind down at the end of the day, and there is, of course, nothing stopping you climbing up and having her work on those tired muscles. If you’ve never given your girl a hot rock massage, it’s time to up your game. Massage is an amazing way to show affection and bond together. A quick note from Bunny: Don’t make massage all about sex every time. Give her massages without making it sexual, it can help make her feel less like an orgasm dispenser. Tell her before hand that nothing sexual is happening, she can just relax and enjoy it. For a 10/10 experience, if your girl is stressed and tired, give her a massage, a nice bath and tuck her into a bed you’ve made with clean sheets.
  3. It puts an emphasis on foreplay: The bench is a perfect height to really concentrate on her body and take your time with foreplay and there are SO many options. With her at the end of the table, butt on the edge, you can give incredible oral. With her relaxing on her stomach, you can lay a wand on her clitoris and every few minutes take her to the edge while giving her a full body massage. There are so many options and, if you have the height set correctly, you can work away for a long time in comfort.
  4. They are restraint friendly. They come standard with all sorts of ways to restrain your partner and adding hard points is really simple. Even if you are vanilla, I highly recommend a set of “Over door” thigh straps. They are often sold as “Over door Sex Swings”, even though they aren’t REALLY a sex swing. They look like this.
Looks pretty extreme, but even in a Vanilla relationship these attached to a massage table can make sex extremely comfortable for you girl.
These door jams fit perfectly onto a massage table where it folds in half

These straps are held on the door by small door jams that will fit perfectly into the spot where the table folds. Using these straps is not about bondage, it’s just a great way to make her comfortable. With her butt at the end of the bed, and her thighs pulled back in straps, she’ll be spread wide with zero effort from her required, She can relax while giving you full access.

5. No wet spot! It keeps the bed clean!: This is self explanatory, but you can have sex, have a shower and go to sleep in a nice, clean bed


So there you have it. The one toy every man should own, and it’s not a toy at all. There are plenty on the market and most are surprisingly cheap for what you get.

Get yourself a workbench… and.. well… get to work!


Bunny 🐇

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