Penis Sleeve 101

Howdy all!

This is for anyone interested in trying out sleeves. I’ve included the answers to the most frequently asked questions and information I believe first time sleeve users should know.

If you want some help choosing a sleeve make sure to check out my articles on the Blissfull Creations Starter Sleeves and the Blissfull Creations Medium Girth Sleeves.

Will she stop liking my penis? / Will it replace my penis? / Will she crave a real large penis / Will I only be allowed to wear the sleeve?

It’s perfectly normal to be worried about this and the short answer to all the above questions is “No”. While sleeves are VERY popular among couples exploring Cuckholding or SPH(small penis humilation) and they will talk about this, that’s not how it works in most vanilla couples. In fact I’m yet to hear a story of a vanilla couple where this happens. If you get your partner off with a sleeve it’s still YOU getting her off.

The sad truth is that a lot of men would never put their ego aside to even try using a sleeve, if you are one of the ones who will and it gets your wife off, it makes you MORE precious, not less! A good, confident attitude is better than a big penis. A defensive, insecure attitude is worse than a small one.

Remember sleeves are not just about size, they also give you god like stamina and different shapes or textures to your penis. They also create discussions in your relationship about your and your partners fears and desires, and that leads to massively improved communication.

For most couples sleeves are just a small part of sex, my partner LOVES taking the sleeve off and using the mess he has made and it feels AMAZING.

Materials Explained

Sleeves come in two basic material types. Platinum set silicone and everything else.

Platinum Set Silicone is body safe, inert(it won’t react to most things) and most importantly, it is non-porous. That means there are no little spaces in the material for bacteria to set up shop. Other materials used like PV plastics ARE porous. This allows bacteria to grow and can turn a penis sleeve into a UTI machine. My partner actually found BC when looking for a solution for exactly that problem.

We originally used a “Fantasy Xtension” from Lovehoney and despite looking like a misshapen rocket, it actually worked pretty well and got me into sleeves. After a few weeks though I suddenly got multiple UTIs, we quickly realised the sleeve was the culprit and that’s when we found Blissfull Creations and proper silicone sleeves.

This was our first sleeve. It felt pretty good, until the urinary tract infections started and we moved to silicone. They can be a good, cheap way to try sleeves out, but put a condom over them and treat them as disposable.

They are much safer and feel a LOT better. PVE sleeves can be a great way to try out the concept on the cheap(although it won’t feel as good as silicone), just use a condom over the sleeve to protect your girl and treat it as a disposable item, if it works out, get some silicone.

Putting a sleeve on.

WARNING: BC does NOT recommend using the Roll on or Inversion method because it can lead to tearing the sleeve and this is NOT covered under warranty. The ONLY way to tear the sleeve is by stretching the opening too far, pulling on the opening, or attempting it on a sleeve that is too thick. Each method has a video that shows very clearly what you should and should not do. We have rolled / Inverted sleeves up to 7 inch girth and never had a single tear.

If you DO tear a sleeve, BC sell “SilPoxy” that will allow you to repair it.

There are 3 methods to put a sleeve on.

  1. Slide on method: This method is not one we use, but it’s excellent for playing with REALLY big sleeves which are too thick to use the other methods. The slide on method involves using a small amount of lubricant, either water based lube or saliva, to let you slide into the sleeve. The trick is to use juuuust the right amount of lubricant so that you can get into the sleeve, but it will dry and keep you stuck in the sleeve fast. After inserting your penis you need to squeeze the sleeve with downward motions to push any air out.
  2. The Roll on Method: The roll on method is great for smaller sleeves or sleeves that are very soft, like the Architect. The roll on method is great, as you don’t need lube like you do for the inversion method. However most sleeves will unroll by themselves so you can’t leave them in a ready to use state like you can with the inversion method. Master will still use this method during scenes where he wants the sleeve on fast but he is very practiced at doing it and only does it with certain sleeves that are easily rolled, for most of our sleeves, he inverts them before the scene starts. It is much, much easier to roll a sleeve that is warmed up. To roll a sleeve you make a small flip at the bottom of the sleeve while being VERY careful not to stretch or pull on the sleeve opening (demonstrated in video below). Then you just roll up the sleeve, put in on your erect penis, and roll it back down. It can take a a bit of strength to do this, depending on the sleeve, if you struggle to roll it, try the inversion method below. Click here to see Buster demonstrate how to avoid tearing a sleeve.
  3. The Inversion Method: The inversion method is great for any sleeve that is too thick or difficult to roll. It does require the use of lube, but is great because you can have the sleeve ready to just slip on easily when you want it. Inverting a sleeve means turning it inside out. To invert a sleeve you perform a flip at the base of the sleeve, just like for the Roll on method, but you want a much larger ‘tab’. Again, it’s REALLY important to not stretch or pull on the sleeve opening (see video below). Once you make the flip you lube the sleeve up WELL, including inside the folded part, then pushing on the folded tab, you turn the whole sleeve inside out, again, do NOT pull on the sleeve opening. Once it’s inverted it will easily slide down over your penis. Click here to see Buster demonstrate how to avoid tearing a sleeve.

Making sure you have success with your sleeve.

The most important thing is to have the right expectations when you first use the sleeve. Sometimes when a couple tries their first sleeve, she loves it, he loves it and it’s total fireworks.

This is a place holder

That is NOT how it went for me, and that is probably not how it will go for you. Sleeve play can bring up all sorts of anxieties for both men and women. Men worry she won’t like it, or that she’ll like it too much. Women worry they won’t like it and disappoint their partner, or we worry that we’ll LOVE it and make our men feel insecure. Woman may also worry that the extra size is going to hurt and this can cause exactly that to happen (it did with me).

Your first attempt with the sleeve should have 1 goal and 1 goal only, to make everyone a little more relaxed about using sleeves.

Your first attempt with the sleeve should have 1 goal and 1 goal only, to make everyone a little more relaxed about using sleeves.

If you achieve that, then subsequent sessions will keep improving and you’ll get those fireworks you’ve been chasing. Please find below a few tips for making sure your first attempt goes well.

  1. Practice putting on the sleeve. You don’t want to get stuck fumbling around with it while she is ready and waiting.
  2. Warm the sleeve up*!* This is VITAL. Cold sleeves are terrible. Just some warm water is all it takes. We heat ours up to a little above body temperature to allow a little cooling, then we wash the sleeve with a little antibacterial soap and rinse it in warm water. Then we invert the sleeve ready for use, and wrap it in a towel which will keep it warm until he is ready to just slip it on
  3. Warm HER up. LOTS of foreplay. LOTS. Don’t bring her to orgasm(that tightens some girls back up) but take her to the edge as often as you can. Having sex with your penis is a great way to warm up for the sleeve. Just have something handy to quickly clean your penis before putting the sleeve on.
  4. Go SLOW! Really slow. Let her reactions tell you when it’s time to speed up.
  5. DON’T NAG!!!! Do NOT start repeatedly asking her if she liked it, how much she liked it, e.t.c You can make her feel a little anxious. It’s not unusual for women to take a while to admit they enjoy the sleeve as they are worried about hurting your feelings, don’t pressure them, they will talk when they feel safe.

Shapes and Profiles.

So this is my FAVOURITE thing about sleeves. It’s not just about being bigger or your man having godlike stamina, the best bit about Sleeves is how the different shapes, textures and sizes feel.

Blissfull Creations make the best sleeves you’ll find for this exact reason. David is a very talented fine artist and the quality of his profiles and textures is amazing. Compare pictures of one of David’s sleeves against a competitor and the difference in quality is instantly clear. Below is a list of some the different profiles BC offers. I’ve also included links to articles I wrote that go through each sleeve individually

  • Straight – Barney, Architect, Pool Boy & Vlad – Straight sleeves are my favorite. They are, as the name suggests, straight. I love to have my internals absolutely beaten, but my entrance can be a little delicate so straight works really well for me. With the straight profile, once the tip is in, all the stretching is done and you can slide in and out with ease. The architect is the triple density version.
  • Bellied – Chuck, Artist, Mailman, Guru, Dragon Slayer – Bellied sleeves have quite a reputation. When you scroll through the BC subreddit you’ll probably notice how prolific the Mailman sleeve is. Well there is a reason it’s a classic and it’s because of the belly shape. The Bellied sleeves give a slight, but constant sensation of stretch as the width gradually changes along it’s length. It’s absolutely dreamy and creates a wonderful sensation. The Chuck and Artist are a little different to the others though. Chuck is tapered at the base to reduce the bump out that can happen at the bottom of thinner sleeves. The Artist’s belly is quite small and much higher up the sleeve than on the others, so deep thrusts will leave the whole belly inside her for some lovely sensations.
  • Mushroom Head – Bartender, Peter Repeater, Long Stroker, HOG – So… inside most vaginas there are one or two spots that feel REALLY good when you put pressure on them. These are the sleeves that will help you apply said pressure. They are all a little different though. The Bartender is a great size for most people and has the woodland texture on the shaft so it’s creates a LOT of sensation for it’s size. The long stroker is a nice long sleeve with a smooth shaft, no sleeve gets my spots like the Long stroker, I adore riding it from behind while master is sitting. The Repeater is literally the head from a long stroker just stacked on top of each other throughout the length of the sleeve (Dave from BC is a damn genius), even a storm trooper couldn’t miss with this weapon. And then there is the HOG… well the HOG is a BIG wide Sleeve that I would very much like to take one day… but today is not that day. Think twice about making these Dual Density… just my personal perspective, but softer isn’t always better when you are trying to rub a particular spot.
  • Tapered – Timmy, Chuck, Artist – These three sleeves all have a similar, and brilliant feature. They taper towards the base. This means that, even though most penises are thicker at the bottom, the sleeve won’t widen towards the base which can happen on a lot of the thinner sleeves that new users are likely to chose. Having the taper makes them much easier to take. I’ve mentioned Chuck and the Artist already above. Timmy is in a class of his own. He has a really nice vein texture and is a gentleman in everyway. Timmy is my smallest sleeve but gets a LOT of use.
  • Woodland – Woodsman, Woodland Elf, Woodland Wizard, Woodland God – I LOVE my woodsman Solid Dildo. Woodland sleeves are very similar to the straight sleeves, except they have a lot of texture, which is based on tree bark and provides REALLY nice sensations.
  • Helmets – Ninja, Samarui, Shogun – The uncircumcised series are actually really unique. They are similar to the bellied sleeves, except that where the bellied sleeves were made by making the middle thicker, the Helmets get their belly from making the ends thinner. The provide the extra sensation of the bellied sleeves, in a much more easy to take package. The tips of these sleeves have a very small surface area that can give your cervix a real punch so consider Dual Density for these sleeves.
The Helmets – To Scale
  • The Vegetables – English Gentleman, Tickle Me Pickle, Cucummer – I know they look ridiculous… but they are really a clever design. No head means they are all stroke and they have a lovely texture to make it all the better. The English Gent is one of the most underrated sleeves in the range imho.
  • The Wrinklies – Quarterback, Mammoth – A very SLIGHT belly with a wrinkly texture directly under the head, the Wrinklies provide a lot of gentle stimulation. The QB is a great size that most women could take. They feel great against your gspot, couple that with the extra sensation from the slight belly and it’s a lot of really nice, gentle sensations.

  • The Long boys – Mr Slim, Mr Thick, The Lumberjack – Mr Slim is one of my go to sleeves. I LOVE long strokes and he provides them amply. The long boys are very straight and low textured. For deep feelings without the intense textures, I LOVE Mr Slim and will 100% be trying out the Lumberjack when I finally crack the 7″ girth sleeves, even though it will inevitably lead to my partner singing Monty Python songs while he fucks me. If you want to fuck with a sleeve and also use something like a wand vibrator, the extra length of these sleeves is REALLY useful.
  • The Others – These guys are the odd weird cousins, and they are all wonderful in their own way. Let’s take a quick look
    • The Steamboat captain comes in 3 sizes and has an upwards curve for g-spotting or deep throating fun. It’s available in 3 different sizes
    • The Body builder has a massive knot at the base.
    • The Strongman has not one but TWO bellies (on the right day I ADORE this sleeve)
    • The Sumo is a stack of donuts. Sensation overload!
    • The Golf Pro – Is a straight sleeve covered with dimples. I have it as a solid and absolutely LOVE it. The dimensions are also just really, really nice. I’ll get the sleeve version one day! It is massively under rated.
    • The ICON – Nope. Would love to see a girl take it one day, but that girl won’t be me!

Shore Ratings

You may hear people talking about “Shore ratings”. This refers to how soft the silicone is and some manufacturers use “Customised” Shore ratings as a selling point. I’m very, very happy that BC has resisted this trend and I’ll explain why.

I’ve tested softness for BC and softer silicone creates more friction and provides less support. On larger sleeves that are close to your maximum girth, the sleeve will “Bunch up” as it enters you creating a lot more friction.

BC will happily do a custom shore sleeve for you but I’d steer you away from it. He uses what he does for a reason.

Dual density IS lovely and a great compromise. Soft head with a normal shaft is the best of both worlds. Soft where you want it, low friction and supportive where you need it.

His triple density Sleeves are genius. Super low Friction sides but super soft throughout.

There are also sleeves where I wouldn’t want dual density at all. My Bartender and Long Stroker are just fine as they are being a little firmer for G-spot sniping. In short, if you were to ask me what Shore I wanted on a particular sleeve, I’d be asking David to decide for me.

If you DO want to change the shore ratings, just get in touch and they’ll be happy to help.

“I already hit her Cervix”

This comes up a lot and a lot of men shorten their sleeves to prevent this. I have to admit, it makes me cry a little every time I hear of a shortened sleeve and I’ll explain why. If you are ALWAYS hitting the cervix than it probably means you haven’t experimented with lots of different angles and positions and your girl is probably not achieving maximum sexual response.

When I first start play, my cervix is a mere 5.5 inches from the entrance of my vagina. If we have a really long, drawn out session, that distance increases to 9.5 inches. If you’ve ever seen any of my dildo riding clips some of them make this really obvious. I’ll just be playing with the top of a dildo at the start, and taking the whole length a few orgasms later.

If you are always hitting her cervix, You should consider trying different angles and positions. Start of your session much slower, and gradually watch as her depth increases. I can tell you that once you achieve maximum sexual function, having an orgasm is 1000 times easier. Once I’ve gotten to the point where I can take a 10 inch dildo, I can cum from just about anything, including a single finger on my gspot, which I’d barely feel at the start of the session. It’s also the point at which I’ll start squirting, ejaculating and having intense multiple orgasms.

Sleeves give you the stamina to really explore what she likes and what can be achieved, use it! Mix things up, experiment, take your time and get her humming!

The Surprise!

Ahhh yes. So you’ll blindfold her, then surprise her with your massive new cock sliding into her and it will be amazing!!!!!

And SOMETIMES, that’s exactly how it goes.

A LOT of the time though, it goes TERRIBLY.

There have been multiple men on this sub over the years lament attempting this approach, as not only does it not work for them that night, it puts a massive roadblock in the way of future sleeve use.

I’m not saying it NEVER works, just that it often leads to failure. If your girl is not pretty adventurous in the bedroom, you are much better off having “The Talk” and let her know what’s coming.

The talk

So… how do we tell our partner we want to try sleeves? For a lot of couples it can be a little awkward, but it’s often the BEST part of using sleeves.

The conversation around sleeves has to include talking about our fears, insecurities and anxieties, and talking about those things is always a good thing. A lot of couples have found that prior to using sleeves, he was a little insecure about his penis and wondered if she needs more, she was a little worried about making him feel insecure and may or may not have wondered about having something bigger.

After sleeve play though, what used to be insecurities and fears become strengths and bonds. He doesn’t feel insecure any more after realising that she loves HIM, not his penis, she feels relaxed with her partners new found confidence and is enjoying being able to express her needs honestly.

When you do bring the topic up with your girl, I strongly suggest NOT talking about her liking it more or it being because you think she needs a bigger penis. In most cases all you’ll do is make her anxious about your insecurities. A much better way to approach it is to concentrate on the fact that you want to live out your Big dick fantasy. That way, instead her feeling you are doing this all for her, she feels like it is something she is doing for you. Well I hope this helps! If you have any questions post it up at leave a r/BlissfullCreations and feel free to shoot me a message!



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