Dormi 2 – The little engine could!

** NOTE: this review mentions Forced Orgasms and other BDSM elements. Please note at all times my partners have been able to take control of their situation with a single word or gesture, all my submissives have been treated with respect like the living treasures they are. A good dom always puts their submissives physical, emotional and mental well being above anything else. **

Enter The Wand

I LOVE sex toys. Quite a lot. I particularly like using them on others and I always have. Over the years I’ve worked my way through a large collection of different toys with a large collection of different partners. I love making them react and I love controlling their body.

So when a much younger Buster first tried out a Hitachi original wand on a girl’s clitoris, it was like a light coming on. I was hooked. Not only could I make a girl cum at will. I could hold her on the edge until she begged for release. Or keep her cumming until she either begged me to stop politely enough or drifted into subpace.

My love affair with Shibari started at the same time, simply as a way to keep them still while I had my fun.

Life was good and the wand was the undisputed king of my toy box

Exit the Wand

I lost the original Hitachi at a party and was unable at the time to find another original in Australia, so I spent a bit of money trying a few alternatives and eventually settled on something that was ok and did the job pretty well. I mourned my Hitachi the whole time. With time new toys caught my attention, especially clit sucker toys (which, by the way is a dumb name, they actually create pressure on the clitoris, not suction…. but I digress).

Clit sucker toys need to be placed with precision , so the wand still held a spot for when I needed something hands free like tying a wand to her or having her kneel over it on the bench.

A New Hope

I tried a few We-vibe toys and was pretty underwhelmed and gave Lovense a shot and was very impressed. I started with a Hush 2, which cleverly came in a 1 inch version which is perfect for Bunny (I don’t want her getting used to Anal) and ended up trying a few of their other toys. I’ll be honest I hadn’t even considered looking at their wand, until one day I was considering how much I loved the fine control the app gives me. It occurred to me that could makes wands a lot more fun again, so I got myself a Dormi 2.

It was smaller than any other wand, and I despite reviews stating it was a powerful vibrator, I assumed that just meant it was powerful enough to produce orgasms. I was hoping it would also be a low, throbbing power that not only produced orgasms but could be used for the most delightful of tortures, but I had no expectation that this would be the case.


The Dormi 2 was delivered in a Box. I don’t know why reviews always talk about boxes and packaging, but I can confirm that it definitely had one which I promptly threw away.

I was both delighted and dissapointed by the size. It’s seriously tiny. On one hand it’s size and weight would make strapping it onto Bunny incredibly easy and the head is a perfect size. It could easily be inserted inside her but was still big enough to easily contact the clitoris in a variety of positions. However, it’s size meant it wouldn’t have the power I wanted, but I was hoping the fine control of the app would make up for it.

The Dormi 2 doesn’t use the standard charge cable as the other Lovense toy and is not water proof. It comes with a cloth bag.

It looks and feels extremely high quality, in fact it’s one of the best looking toys I’ve ever seen.

I came with the Gspot attachment which also just reeks of effort and quality. The back edge of the attachment has a shape similar to a clitoris and inner labia meaning it is perfectly shaped to nestle under her clitoris which I’ve never seen before. It also has 2 other textures on either side.

The test

I tested it the way I test all Clitoral toys, by grabbing Bunny when she was unprepared and applying it at maximum speed directly to her clitoris. This this did not”Buzz” like I expected, it RUMBLES. The head movement has to be seen to be believed, it looks like a Matrix character dodging bullets.

53 Seconds to orgasm. That’s how long it took, taking the record from the reigning champion, the Womanizer Pro by an entire 5 seconds. I, of course, didn’t actually let her cum though. Instead I turned it off for a few seconds before starting it off on the lowest setting possible. Over the course of the next five minutes I had more fun than I’ve had with a toy since that first experience with a Hitachi or our early attempts with cock sleeves. The control is AMAZING. In that five minutes I drove her to the edge and back many times, forced 3 orgasms and made her squirt.


And that was just my first attempt. Since then I’ve had amazing fun with this thing. Not only does the app give you fine control but you can record patterns. All I have to do is build a pattern that does what I want, and let it play. Having the app automatically edge her once a minute while she desperately sucks me is amazing.

The Dormi 2 is insanely powerful for a cordless wand, let alone one this small. The app gives amazing control and fun options to build your patterns. It’s small size, but cleverly sized head means it can be used easily in any position.

The battery life is excellent, there is no chance of it running out of steam before Bunny does.

The only wand I ever owned with more power was an original Hitachi. But with the Dormi 2’s size, weight, cordlessness and app control, If I still owned my original magic wand, I’d never use it.


August 8, 2022 at 5:02 am

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your
efforts and I am waiting for your next post thanks once

September 20, 2022 at 6:39 pm

What is the circumference and length measurements of the handle? I am currently using a Transthetics joystick vibrator with a Blissful Creations sleeve as a strap on but the vibrator leaves a gap at the end due to the strange shape. I was wondering if I could use another wand vibrator to replace it, but I’m having a hard time finding a vibrator that is both fully waterproof and has a handle that is small enough to work inside a BC sleeve (between 1 and 1.25″ in diameter).

    September 22, 2022 at 9:58 am

    The handle is just over 1 inch, slightly larger than the channel. The length will depend on the length of your channel. As for a vibe…. Thats a REALLY good question…..

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