My Relationship with Blissfull Creations

A quick note: This article will discuss Trans men and Phalloplasty. I have tried very hard to use the correct language and if I did get something wrong please let me know. I always try to be better and be part of a friendlier, more inclusive world.

Given that I constantly give them glowing reviews, I want to take a minute to explain my relationship with Blissfull Creations, the company that custom made my beloved collection of penis sleeves.

I have no commercial arrangement of any sort with Blissfull Creations. I have definitely received free products from them, however the vast, VAST majority of our collection was paid for. The free products we received have either been extras he threw in the box when we make an order, which is makes sense given the size of some of our orders, or products he has specifically asked us to test.

I love the company and both my Master, Buster, and I adore the owner, David, and I’ll talk more about that later. But that has nothing to do with why I am always recommending them.

The reason I am always recommending BC is simple, they work, and they work amazingly well. I am very active on the Penis Sleeve and Blissfull Creations subreddits, in fact it’s pretty much my hobby at this point. I’ve become very well known in that circle and deeply enjoy helping couples improve their sex life.

The reason I am always recommending BC is simple, they work, and they work amazingly well.

Since I met Buster my whole view on sex has changed and I’ve been on a journey that saw me learn to love myself for who I really am. Buster taught me improved my self worth and insisted on total honesty about what I like in the bedroom. The positive effects of that have been enormous, and are too many to list here.

Getting to be a part of a healthy sexual relationship has really opened my eyes to how difficult it can be for women in heterosexual relationships to be sexually satisfied in the bedroom. We are taught from an early age terrible lessons about our sexuality and many woman have the same problems I had.

The penis sleeve subreddits attract a particular type of man, and those men have restored my faith in their whole gender. They are kind, respectful and LOVE their partners. Many of them have roadblocks in front of them when it comes to truly pleasing their partners, be it a lack of knowledge, insecurity and never having had healthy role models. They do there best, but they have simply never been taught about the emotional side of sex. There is nothing I love more than helping those men work through those roadblocks and hearing about them happy, healthy and making their wives cum like freight trains.

I love helping others on their own journey, and penis sleeves can be a great way to get that journey started. People think it’s all about size, it’s not. In fact my most used sleeve is my smallest (Trusty old Timmy). One of the biggest benefits of Sleeve use is actually the stamina it gives a man. But more than that, it forces them to slow down, improve foreplay and most importantly, communicate.

The conversation around Penis Sleeves CAN be a little tricky. Women are scared of the size, worry if they don’t like it they’ll disappoint their partner and/or worry if they don’t like it they’ll make their partner insecure. Men worry their girl will not like their penis anymore, will not enjoy the added size or just flat out refuse to try it.

To get the Sleeve working, they have to talk through all those issues, and that improved communication is more beneficial to a relationship than any sex toy you would care to mention.

So that’s why I do what I do. I LOVE helping those couples. I get at least one new message every day from a guy looking for help, and I want to give them the best help I can.

I live for messages like this.

So I talk to them about what they want in a sleeve and send them off to BC in the knowledge I am making a solid recommendation that gives them the best chance of success.

I’m not going to talk here about what makes BC sleeves the best in any detail, except to say that the quality of the shapes and textures is simply amazing. The range is HUGE and caters for just about everything. They also have some very clever designs like Chuck and Timmy that overcome the usual problems in small girth sleeves, but I have talked about that in plenty of other articles.

What I don’t often talk about is my admiration for David himself. David is actually a classically trained (and incredibly talented) artist whose motivation for starting his business was to help people with Erectile Dysfunction(ED). He just started making normal sleeves as a way to fund his research and did not expect them to be as popular as they rapidly become.

The reason I love him is that, like me, he’s a true believer. He wants to help and it’s that desire, not profit, that drives his efforts.

The reason I love him is that, like me, he’s a true believer. He wants to help and it’s that desire, not profit, that drives his efforts.

The reason I am writing this post now is that today provided a perfect example of what makes him tick. I got into a conversation with a lovely trans guy who had undergone Phalloplasty(he was surgically given a penis) and was experimenting with sleeves to overcome his inability to get an erection. I got in touch and we had a very informative chat, and I recommended they get in touch with David.

I also messaged David to let him know and asked if he knew anything about it.

And he did. Quite a lot. It turns out he’s already made sleeves for four phalloplasty recipients and was working on a new line of ED sleeves that would particularly suit them. He knew everything about how it works, penile implants (most don’t have them) and the different challenges faced by these men.

David’s response to me asking if he could help a man who had undergone Phalloplasty. I should have known.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. I was also reminded of the fact that every time I send someone of to BC I know I sending them to the right place.

Click here to view the whole range of Blissfull Creations sleeves on Etsy.

Happy sleeving!

Bunny 🐇

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