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The medium girth range from Blissfull Creations is pretty epic. There is a monstrous range of variety in shapes, sizes and profiles. I don’t cover them ALL in this article as I don’t want to swamp anyone with information, they are all available on the Blissfull Creations store though. I’m not presenting in any particular order… but I will start with my absolute favourite! But first there is a few other things you should know.

The sleeves we’ll be talking about today.

A word to first time sleevers

If you’ve never used a sleeve before, this is not the article for you UNLESS your girl has already had size or expressed a keen interest to try it out. For most women, a low girth sleeve will give her the best first time experience as some of these sleeves are serious monsters.

This article is for couples who already play with a bit of size and have a fair idea what they are looking for.

If you are new to sleeves and your girl is likely to have ANY anxiety, go checkout my article on starter sleeves.

If you want to see all of these sleeves in action… check out my Onlyfans! You’re subscription gets you access to ALL my full length videos.

A Quick note about me and my Vagina.

All women are different, so I want to quickly put my views on these sleeves into perspective. I am a tiny, tiny girl. I can’t use most buttplugs because the handle covers my vaginal entrance as well. I cannot take much girth at ALL, even after years of practise. My sexual response is extremely high and I deeply enjoy sex which means when turned on, I can take sleeves very, very deep. For this reason I prefer sleeves with some length but am not the best at being stretched out.

This may be worth keeping in mind when you are choosing, your girl may be very different.

VLAD – The Impaler

Length: 11 Inches
Girth: 7 Inches

Click to view Vlad on Etsy

My favourite sex toy of all time. Period. I actually got this one for free when I won a video competition on the Blissfull Creations subreddit. The attention I got from that video thrilled me and is what led to me wanting to make porn.

Vlad is ridiculously big. It’s 11 inches long and has 7 inches of girth. It uses the same straight profile as it’s little brothers, Pool Boy and Barney, but on a massive scale. I LOVE this profile and Vlad is the reason why. While it may seem like a very intimidating sleeve, once you have the head in, the stretch is over and you can take as much of that mighty 11 inches as you can, without any additional stretch required.

The hefty girth and incredible length make all sorts of ridiculous positions possible… our favourite is me lying on the coffee table on my back while master fucks me while sitting on the couch drink and a beer and watching football. You can’t do that with a Chuck.

The Mailman – A classic for a reason.

Length: 8 Inches
Girth: 6.6 Inches

Click to view the Mailman on Etsy

The quintessential BC sleeve. The mailman is a classic for a reason. He uses the famous bellied profile that provides an intense stretching sensation. Unlike the straight profile of Vlad and his mates, the bellied profile gives the receiver a continuous feeling of stretch as that belly is pulled in and out of you.

When you first use this sleeve the feeling of intensity can be a little much but can be countered by entering deeply and using small, short strokes so the belly actually stays inside you. Used like this, the mailman delivers unparalleled G-Spot pressure which is why it is so favoured among seasoned users.

Owners of this sleeve all say it at some point “The Mailman Delivers”.

The mailman has a couple of bigger brothers, the Guru that would make me nervous.. and the Dragon Slayer that would quite literally scare the shit out me.

The Artist – A fine brush for delicate work

Length: 9.5 Inches
Girth: 6.5 Inches

Click to view the Artist on Etsy

If you want to know why I love BC over other brands, the Artist is the perfect example. David knows his customers and understands how sleeves are used, feel and work. The artist is a toned down Mailman. As mentioned above, the Mailman is often used inserted deeply, with small, short strokes that leave the belly inside.

The Artist is a variation designed for just this purpose, while allowing a longer stroke length that keeps the belly inside the receiver.
It’s a mailman with a smaller belly, the sleeve is lengthened and the Belly sits high up the sleeve. Creating an intense head with a much friendlier shaft.

This is a superb choice for someone wanting to graduate from starter sleeves for this reason. It offers gratifying intensity that isn’t terribly difficult to take.

The Quarterback – The smart play

Length: 7.75 Inches
Girth: 6.1 Inches

Click to view the Quarterback on Etsy

The first BC sleeve I ever used, and a bit of an orphan in the sleeve world. It has a very slight belly shape and slightly less girth than the mailman. The Quarter back sports a really interesting texture below the head, simulating crinkled foreskin, it’s really, really nice.

For long strokes with nice texture at the top, the quarter back is excellent. Like the Artist, it offers good intensity in an easier package than many other mid girth sleeves.

Notably it is the shortest and thinnest sleeve on this list and is a perfect step-up from a low girth sleeve or entry point for an enthusiastic beginner.

The Strongman – Feel these muscles!

Length: 8.25 Inches
Girth: 7 Inches

View the Strongman on Etsy

This thing is weird as hell and insanely good fun. It takes my vagina offline for a few days every time we use it and it’s worth it, every damn time.

This piece of silicone insanity has 2 bellies, making it impossible to avoid that intense open-close sensation at the vaginal entrance. If you can take it deep enough, you have one belly playing games on your g-spot while the other puts your entrance to the test. The result is a sleeve that feels nothing like a penis and everything like a test of wills. If you CAN take this sleeve hard and fast at full length, it’s an unmatched experience.

Some of my fans may have noticed I am favouring my bigger sleeves laterly, that’s because I’m gearing up to take this thing on my Hismith Fuck machine. If I die, then at least I go doing what I love.

When sleeving starts feeling like a sport, this is the sleeve to try.

The Golf Pro

Length: 9.5 Inches
Girth: 6.7 Inches

View the Golf Pro on Etsy

As I’ve mentioned before, David from BC is an extremely talented artist, his sculpting abilities create sleeves that are incredibly realistic and extremely attractive. Every now and then though, he breaks that mould and just does something that’s utterly ridiculous, like his range of sleeves based on cucumbers.

The Golf pro is in that category. For some glorious reason David decided to make a sleeve that is covered with small, rounded nubs. Like a studded condom on steroids. And, just like those ridiculous vegetable based sleeves, the Golf Pro delivers a fantastic and unique experience. It’s absolutely lovely to use.

I got this as a solid which is a decision that keeps paying off for me. The studded texture provides mild, but very noticeable stimulation that makes me very, very wet. Only Timmy and the Architect get me as slick as the golf pro does. For this reason it’s become the perfect warm up. Master often has me ride it to warm up for the larger or more intense sleeve he is wearing. He loves the show, and after even a short ride, the Golf pro leaves me ready to step up for more.

I will definitely get this in a sleeve at some point.

The Long Stroker – Headstrong and smooth

Length: 9.5 Inches
Girth: 6.75 Inches

Click to view the Longstroker on Etsy

But for Vlad is existence, this would be the king of my Sleeve collection. It has the same, emphasised, mushroom head profile of the Hog, with a shaft that is extremely straight and has almost no vein profile. The result is dreamy. The head rubs inside while the shaft is very gently on the vaginal entrance.

It has nice length and angled correctly, that head will make a girl’s gspot sing like a bird. Where sleeves like Mailman and Vlad stimulate the g-spot by simply covering as much internal space as possible, the long stroker provides the ability to specifically target it. In the hands of a man who patiently finds the right spot, this thing is a orgasm loaded sniper rifle.

If you are making porn, this is a great choice, that head and long strokes seems to pull any girly juices out of you which provides quite a show.
It’s worth noting that this sleeve is only a 1/4 inch less girth than the Vlad, but, for me at least, that’s a REALLY important 1/4 inch.

Unlike Vlad I can take this sleeve with only a basic warm up.

Woodland Elf – It’s the Texture that gets Ya.

Length: 9.5 Inches
Girth: 7.06 Inches

View the Woodland Elf on Etsy

I don’t own this sleeve but am very keen to get one at some point.

The thickest sleeve in this review, the Elf has the same, highly textured exterior as all “Woodland” sleeves. I have it’s little brother in a solid and I LOVE it for solo play where I want to lie back, and take my time. The texture on these sleeves is intense, but cleverly, runs mostly vertical so it’s not over-the-top.

If you want thick and textured, this is one you want to consider.

The Architect

Length: 8 Inches
Girth: 6.1 Inches

The most advanced penis sleeve ever made, in similar girth to a Quarterback, making it accessible to newer and more seasoned users. For more info on this piece of Silicone mastery see my article where I gush over it in detail.

There is no link to this sleeve as it is available in limited numbers each month. To get your hands on one check out the Blissfull Creations shop around the 1st of each month.

How to choose?

Unlike with Starter sleeves, I don’t have a lot of advice here. You’ve probably already got a sleeve or two OR your girl is ready and willing to try some real size. If I was going to choose one sleeve from this list that everyone should try, it would definitely be the mighty Architect. The Quarterback is an excellent choice for someone wanting a gentler step into the larger sleeves.

See them all in action!

To see all these sleeves in action don’t forget to check out my Onlyfans! Your subscription gets you access to ALL my full videos and content, if you do want to spend a little extra, you can buy me gifts, organise a live show or take control of my extensive collection of remote controlled toys! I hope you see you there!

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