Blissfull Creations Starter Sleeves!

So lets talk about starter sleeves.

As many of you know, I LOVE penis sleeves and have a large collection that I had custom made my Blissfull Creations(BC). For those who don’t know, Penis Sleeves are a toy that goes over your penis, or another toy. The latest models, made mostly from medical grade silicone(avoid anything that isn’t) fit like a second skin and give men a chance to live that big dick fantasy while giving their partner a fun new experience.

With more and more couples embracing sleeves and wanting to give sleeve play a go, the choice can sometimes seem overwhelming. So today we are looking at the all the “Starter Sleeves” in the BC lineup to help you get an idea of what to buy. These are all sleeves that are good choices for the uninitiated and offer the lowest lengths and girths in the range.

Of course, you may want to start larger if your girl is keen to try it and has maybe had a little size. I’ll be doing a post on my favourite medium girth sleeves shortly.

You can see all these sleeves in action on my Onlyfans!

I’ve included measurements and the maximum size penis you can fit these sleeves on!

All the sleeves we will be discussing today. This is a handy tool to compare sizes and shapes.

Timmy – The little gentleman that gets it done.

Length: 7.5 Inches
Girth: 5.5 Inches
Maximum Penis Length: 6.5 Inches
Maximum Penis Diameter: 1.55 Inches (if you are over, but close to this measurement contact BC for advice)

Click to view the Timmy on Etsy

If everything you read below confuses you and you have NO idea what to buy, just get Timmy. While most sleeve designs are available in different sizes, Timmy isn’t. That’s because his whole shape is designed about being a nice, gentle sleeve for partners who may be a little anxious or never had size before. You’ll notice he has a tapered shape and gets noticeably thinner at the base, this is to prevent “Tenting” which can happen when thinner sleeves become wedge shaped at the base of the penis which is often wider.

Because Timmy is so thin at that base, he has a ring of silicone to prevent tearing the sleeve.

Timmy is not JUST for beginners. He has a really nice vein texture that I LOVE and he’s a sleeve we use all the time, despite being the smallest in our collection.

Chuck – A polite little guy… with some MUSCLE

Length: 7.5 Inches
Girth: 5.5 Inches
Maximum Penis Length: 6.5 Inches
Maximum Penis Diameter: 1.85 Inches

Click to view Chuck on Etsy

If Timmy looks a little tame for you, take a look at his big Brother Chuck. Now Chuck you’ll notice has the same measurements as Timmy, 6.5 inches long with 5.5 inches of girth. But they have completely different profiles. Chuck has the famous “Belly” profile used in bigger (and extremely popular) sleeves like the Mailman, Guru and Dragonslayer. This profile gives sleeves a lot more intensity. Unlike straighter sleeves, the vaginal opening constantly experiences expansion and contraction as that belly is pulled in and out of you. It’s absolutely dreamy. With the bigger sleeves it can actually make them a little hard to handle, but with Chuck it just gives him a delightful edge.

If you don’t want a massive sleeve, but still want something with some edge, Chuck may be your man.

Barney – A Straight Shooter

Length: 8 Inches
Girth: 5.6 Inches
Maximum Penis Length: 7 Inches
Maximum Penis Girth: 1.85 Inches

Barney shown in Glow Blue

Barney was the original starter sleeve. The sleeves mention above were designed from feedback about the Barney, that doesn’t mean he’s not a GREAT sleeve though. He is slightly longer than the previous two, at 8 inches long, so it may be a great choice for men whose penis is between 6.5 and 7 inches in length and are looking for a starter sleeve.

Barney is the smallest of the “Straight” Profile. This is actually my favourite profile from BC, I love the whole range of them, right up to the monstrous Vlad. The beauty of the straight profile lies in it’s ease of use, once the head is in, the rest will slide in with no worries. The straight profile is easy to ride, and easy on the vagina, even if you are nearing your maximum girth. And the Barney, being the smallest sleeve with this profile, is a prime candidate for a first sleeve with a little heft, that still won’t have her cowering at the top of the bed.

Poolboy – Porn star cock

Length: 8 Inches
Girth: 5.9 Inches
Maximum Penis Length: 7 Inches
Maximum Penis Girth: > 1.85 Inches

Click to view the poolboy on Etsy

Barney’s slightly bigger brother, This is the point at which you are walking around packing a porn star cock. It has the same straight profile as Barney, it’s even identical in length, and the increase in girth might seem small… but my, oh my… you can tell. I LOVE this sleeve and it’s a mainstay in my rotation. I can take it easily, it’s a lovely feeling and it doesn’t leave me sore in anyway.

Poolboy is notable because it’s the smallest sleeve that will allow a 1.25 inch Channel for guys with widths about 1.85 Inches(but also check out the Step it Ups Below)

The English Gentleman – The minimilist

Length: 7.5 Inches
Girth: 5.1 Inches
Maximum Penis Length: 6.5 Inches
Maximum Penis Girth: > 1.55 Inches

Click to view the English Gentleman on Etsy

One of the things that makes the Blissfull Creations range so fun to explore is the quality of the shapes. The moulds are crafted by a very talented fine artist and it shows… oh yeah.. and some of them are just casts taken from Cucumbers.

Now. AS ridiculous as that sounds. This is with out any doubt in my mind, the most under rated starter sleeve in the range. At just 5.1 inches in Girth, it’s significantly smaller than even Timmy, and is the thinnest walled BC sleeve on offer. It’s almost like a super thick condom and we had a LOT of fun with ours… until we lost it… I still worry where it will turn up… like that boomerang I threw as a kid… but I digress.

Don’t let it’s vegetable like quality put you off, the texture is actually really nice. If you want the bare minimum amount of silicon on your cock, this is the sleeve for you.

Step It Ups! Low Lengths in a range of Girths

Length: 6 or 7 Inches
Girth: 5.1 Inches
Maximum Penis Length: 5 Inches for 6 Inch models – 6 Inches for 7 Inch models
Maximum Penis Girth: > 1.55 Inches

Click to view the “Step it up” range on Etsy.

These are a recent edition to the range and I’ve never tried them. But they are design for exactly what they say, you can step up in size. They all have the same profile, which is a straight profile very similar to Barney, but with a different vein profile. They also have a security ring at the bottom to assist in applying the sleeve without tearing it.

The Step It Ups come in 2 lengths, 6 and 7 inches so are perfect if she likes a pounding that isn’t too deep, or she just doesn’t want to try too much length, and they offer a big range of range of girths.

The 6 inch one has a very small girth, model at just 4.7 inches, which is a great option for something as non threatening as possible, while still giving you that big dick fun.

Both lengths come in a few other girths, topping out at a pretty impressive 6.3 inches in the larger models.

It’s worth noting that those thickest models can take a 1.375 inch Channel which makes them a perfect option for guys packing a proper chode down low and needs a wide sleeve with very little length.

How to choose

How Anxious is your girl? It’s a really important consideration. Has she had some size before? What’s the girth of her favourite toy? How big are you? What will fit on you?

Answer all of the above questions and have a look through the options and see what fits those needs. I always advise people to err on the side of smaller. It’s better to wish you had gone bigger and have something you can use, than wish you had gone smaller have something you can’t.

If you have any questions hit me up in the comments.

Warm the sleeve and the woman!

See them all in action!

To see all these sleeves in action don’t forget to check out my Onlyfans! Your subscription gets you access to ALL my full videos and content, if you do want to spend a little extra, you can buy me gifts, organise a live show or take control of my extensive collection of remote controlled toys! I hope you see you there!



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