The Architect Arrives!

It’s been a while

Getting to try a new sleeve is nothing new to me. But it’s still always exciting. I’ve only ever bought different 4 orders, since I graduated from the Lovehoney variety anyway. And the last order was a monster. I’d made the decision to try my hand at making Porn so master surprised me with my whole entire wish list of sleeves and solids. He would later, quite unromantically, go on to say he bought them because knew he’d end up buying them all eventually anyway, so might as well save on shipping, but I digress.

With that massive order I had several weeks of great fun trying them all out and we’ve been rotating through them ever since. As far as new purchases go, since then I’ve been concentrating on collecting a lot more lingerie and building a remote control sex studio so haven’t really been buying any new sleeves, I did, after all, have more than I needed (but still not as many as I wanted, Lol)

So when the Architect was announced and I realised it was a must-have sleeve, I was pretty excited to once again try something new. I was also happy I had waited for something that I REALLY wanted to try.

Why I had to have it

I lot of people don’t know but Blissfull Creations, maker of the Architect, is run but a very, very talented artist called David. And while the main reason to use these sleeves is the functionality… they literally feel like a second skin to the wearer, it’s David’s attention to detail with his moulds that really makes them fun to use and explore. He creates so many different shapes and profiles that are not only good to look at but offer a variety of sensations. From the nonthreatening but well textured Timmy, to the straight and serious monster that is Vlad, their are so many well CRAFTED designs.

With the Architect he’s taken it to the next level, to the point where production numbers are limited monthly as he hand pours these personally. The extra level of complexity comes because this sleeve is poured in three distinct zones with two different levels of firmness. A soft head, a soft inner shaft and a firmer, outer shaft. This promised a lot of improvements. The softer head to improve the feeling for me, the softer shaft to improve feeling for Master, and the outer shell to maintain stability. To make things more fun, each zone can be a different colour.

We ordered Black Head, Black Inner and a Clear exterior on the shaft. And set about trying not to obsessively refresh the post tracker.

The Architect Arrives

If using a new sex toy as soon as possible after it’s delivered was an olympic sport, Master would pick up a fair amount of new jewellery. We opened it up and he even let me take a few photos before he whisked it off to sanitise it. We DID take a minute to Marvel at how it looks and name it…. “Darth Helmet”.

This is a GOOD looking sleeve and it oozes quality. To be honest I can’t wait til they do another one with a similar design so I can get pink! The complication on getting that wrap around the outside is made clear when you realise the outer shell folds around the base of the sleeve.

Darth Helmet from above. You can see the separate head / shaft zones and the softer black layer below the firmer clear wrap.
End view showing the outer shell wrapped over tyhe base and the softer, black inner core.

So we got me all warmed up and started with some sleeveless sex, and then, ready to go, we broke out the Architect. It’s so soft Master didn’t invert it like he normally does, it was really easy just to roll up and apply (We are doing a post REALLY soon showing how to do the different methods).

For a bit of a change, we had sex on an actual bed with Master telling me to hop on top and give him a show. He put me into reverse cowgirl and let me know that I was allowed to orgasm without asking and he wanted a GOOD show.

It’s an 8 inch sleeve which is a perfect size to ride, and at 6.1 Inches of girth, the Architect is right in the sweet spot where I can take a sleeve without huge amounts of preparation but it still gives me an awesome feeling of fullness.

As I slid down it, I could immediately feel the difference. The head is MUCH softer than my other sleeves, and it immediately occurred to me that it felt like a real penis. My first stroke let me take almost the whole sleeve, and I proceeded to put on the show master had asked for.

The combination of the soft head with the firm shaft blew me away. I have the video of this happening, and a few select people have seen it, but during what followed I actually ejaculated on the sleeve and had several, DEEP, vaginal orgasms. Now the architect can’t take ALL the credit, I had been on 9 days of orgasm denial, but it WAS something that has never happened (at least on this scale) before.

Performance wise, I really DID put on a show, long, deep and fast, showing my body moving along the whole shaft, and it’s no less solid than any other BC sleeve. The design ensures the added softness, doesn’t cost usability.

Final Thoughts

I can’t give any higher praise to a sex toy than to say it helped me make a mess so big that I’m actually embarrassed to show it. This is, simply put, the next step in sleeve design. I’ve always commented that sleeves feel more “Direct” than a penis, they have a little less “Give”. Not so with the architect, warmed up (which you should ALWAYS do boys!) this feels like a nice thick dick.

Master reported MUCH more feeling from this sleeve than a normal BC Sleeve. He thinks he may even be able to cum while wearing it (we’ve had five sessions with it now and that has not happened yet). He is really impressed by how much easier this sleeve is to apply as well.

These are available in limited numbers (at the time of writing none are available) with a monthly allocation being sold. To get your hands on one, keep an eye on the Blissfull Creations Etsy Store.

Remember to warm the sleeve and the woman!

Happy sleeving!


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