Things I wish every submissive knew!

1. You are PRECIOUS. Your submission is a gift and you should only give it to those who appreciate it. In return, you have a right to feel safe, respected and valued.

2. No one can make themselves a Dom. That power lies with the submissive.

3. Anxiety is your friend. It is the gate a Dom must walk through to earn the right to collar you. If you feel in anyway anxious, tell your Dom, if they cannot quell your anxiety, they are not worth your submission.

4. You owe it to your Dom and yourself to be TOTALLY honest. You are worthwhile and your feelings and pleasure matter. Doms cannot fully enjoy a sub they suspect is not 100% honest. A Dom worth trusting will constantly reinforce this.

5. Have fun. Want to know how to ride like a pro? Enjoy it. Want to know how to give a perfect blowjob? Enjoy it. A partner that is enjoying sex is what makes sex so much fun.

6. Safe Words are everything. A good submissive uses them when needed. A good Dom ensures they are used openly and freely. If a Dom does not enthusiastically support safe words then RUN.


March 23, 2022 at 11:01 am

You seem like a lovely Person and gorgeous to go with it.

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